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Its that season again, the seniors are graduating and preparing for college, university or any other type of post secondary work or education.   This years Prom party was unique being at the Curling Club for the first time in the past 6 years that I personally covered the graduating class and proms.    Several years ago, parents got together and decided to start creating junior prom parties for grade 8 classes as well but was short lived due to Covid 19 changing the dynamics of graduations for a few years.  But we did have 2 years of grade 8 parties (2018 & 2019), and guess who covered those events as well????   That's right...I was there lol.  

Below you will find three galleries of prom:   The pre prom portraits at the Stirlings Ranch, The 2023 Prom party candids hosted at the Curling Club, and a look back at memory lane of a few candid shots of this exact class when they had the grade 8 party!     (How embarassing!) lol.  Mostly 2019 retro gallery but a couple shots to include some 2018 retro shots of some of the faces i noticed at Prom from the previous years class.

Downloads and Social Media sharing are both available from these galleries.


Pre-Prom Portraits

Prom Party Candids

due to different sizes of photos, gallery is best viewed in fullscreen

Memory Lane Retro Gallery: 2019 - 2018

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