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Deposits and Balance Owing

Please be advised that after making a deposit to secure a wedding day, you are entering into a non-verbal agreement with Northern Exposures Photography to book our services for you and your wedding day.    You agree to hire us for your wedding by knowingly sending us a deposit and we agree to refuse, turn away or decline any and all other clients, events or business which request our services during the time frame established on your wedding day.     You are hiring us to be your sole photographer at your event.

Non refundable Desposit ($500.00):

1) To secure a wedding date with Northern Exposures Photography, the client must make a non-refundable deposit of $500.00. This is a verbal contract between the client and Northern Exposures Photography which takes effect the moment the deposit is received.
2) The security deposit permits Northern Exposures Photography to refuse or decline any and all business for the date which the client has secured.
3) The deposit is used to support any loss of business which Northern Exposures Photography may of obtained had the client not reserved the chosen date in the first place, in the event that the client decides to cancel their wedding plans.  
4) Any payment towards the clients wedding which exceed the initial $500.00 non refundable deposit will be returned to the client in full (except for the initial deposit $500.00) upon cancellation.
5) The deposit is also considered a retainer fee and covers both loss of business from other potential new clients or events should the client cancel,  as well as a partial payment towards the clients booking.
6) In the event that Northern Exposures Photography has chosen to back out or cancel a wedding agreement which the client has booked, the client will receive any/all money paid towards the event including the initial $500.00 non refundable deposit.
7) If a client chooses to change dates after a non refundable deposit was made to secure the first date, Northern Exposures Photography has the right to refuse the new date if the new date has already been booked by another client.   Because the agreement made by the client backed by the deposit was for the first date, it is the clients obligation to fulfill the agreement as originally intended when first booked.
8) Please be aware that changing dates may of already caused loss of business in denying new business to the clients original secured date.  
9) Northern Exposures Photography has the right to ask for a new deposit / retainer fee upon changing dates as a second date can now be the loss of two new clients, weddings or events.
10) In the event that the original date has to be changed for reasons beyond our control such as an act of god, legal reasons or death, Northern Exposures Photography is willing to reschedule a new date provided it does not conflict with another secured reservation, without penalty.  
11) In the event that a client decides to cancel a booking, the client understands they will forfeit their initial non refundable deposit of $500.   Any payment above this amount will be returned to the client and their date will no longer be secure. 

12) Double dip / windfall scenario:  Northern Exposures Photography will provide a full or partial refund only if a new client secures the date the cancelling client has backed out of.   In this scenario, a full refund will be applied only if the new client exceeds the deposit amount of $500.00 in their booking.   In the event that it is less then $500, the difference will be 
partially refunded to the original cancelling client so that the company maintains a minimum of $500.00 for that day.

Example A:   client 1 cancels a date and forfeits the deposit of $500.   client 2 books the same day afterwards for a job that pays $350.   Client 1 will receive a partial refund of $350 while Northern Exposures Photography holds the remaining $150 from Client 1's deposit since we were able to recover $350 out of $500 from new business.

Example B:  client 1 cancels a date and foreits the deposit of $500.  No new business is booked for the date which client 1 had originally booked and therefore will still not receive any refund.

Example C:  client 1 cancels a date and forfeits the deposit of $500.  client 2 books the same day afterwards for a job that pays $2000.  Client 1 will receive their full $500 non refundable deposit back.

The Balance Owing:

All balances are due in full on or before the date of the wedding.   Any wedding not in Elliot Lake area are due in full the day before the wedding, before we travel.
All clients files will be forever stored with Northern Exposures Photography and can be recovered at a later date in the event a client loses their photos. 
In the event that the amount still owed is not paid by the wedding day, Northern Exposures Photography will allow a grace period of 7 days to pay the outstanding balance in full.
We understand that the bride and groom are enjoying the night and do not wish to disturb them with money owing.  We also understand they may be headed out on a honeymoon and are respectful to this private time.
After 7 days has passed, Northern Exposures Photography will politely remind the party of the outstanding balance, but will not begin post production work on any or all of the photos taken until balance is paid
in full.
All weddings generally take up to 4 to 6 weeks to complete in post production.   Depending on the time of year and how busy we get, it may take longer or shorter then expected.   Please note that this timeline
is based on weddings paid in full on or before the wedding day.   For those who pay after the wedding day, the timeline begins after the outstanding balance is paid in full, not by the wedding day.
Northern Exposures Photography will work the entire wedding (12+ hours) without getting paid first but will not begin any post production (40+ hours) until paid in full.   There will be no previews, samples
or teasers until all outstanding balances are paid in full.
If Northern Exposures Photography does not receive full payment 30 days after the wedding is complete, the original files will be archived on external hard drive and a $100.00 late fee will be applied to the balance
owing to retrieve files.
If Northern Exposures Photography does not receive full payment 90 days after the wedding is complete, the clients agreement will be ruled delinquent and the files will be terminated / deleted / destroyed from our hard drives. 

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