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Elliot Lake Drag Races 2022

Below is a series of galleries of photos taken at the 2022 Elliot Lake Drag Races.   Some Cars may not be in their proper gallery such as Semi Pro, Super Pro or Street class may have a few cars mixed up and placed in the wrong gallery.   

99% of these photos are raw and unedited because there are too many to edit them all, so i think its better if you request it from me instead.   IF there is no logo on the photo, then it has not been edited by me.  If you wish for me to clean one of these shots up for you such as adjust the lighting or crop the photo tighter, please message or email me with the file name and gallery the photo is in and i will do that.   

All galleries have downloads turned on right now.   Feel free to find your car and download it!   All I ask is a mention to our Facebook page or website when ever you share it on social media. 


Thank you for all your support!   

Super Pro Gallery

Semi Pro Gallery

Bikes & Sleds Gallery