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Terms & Conditions (2018)

We (Northern Exposures Photography) for the duration of this article will be referred as NEP.

1) NEP reserves the right to refuse any job deemed unfit, unsafe, or in which the actions or location will hereby be breaking any laws or trespassing, or any location which will put a client or NEP employees in danger or at risk of injury.


2) NEP will not be responsible for any legal action taken against a client that has hereby broken a law during a photo session. 


3) NEP has the right to refuse any client for any reason to either (a) book a session or (b) sell any finished photos of a client.  

4) NEP has zero tolerance for racism, sexism, bullying, ignorance, or any other form of offensive, intimidating or aggressive behavior in any form against any employee or clients race, religion, sex or culture.  NEP has the right to refuse any work if the above reasons are implied or displayed by one or more clients involved in a photo session.


5) Upon scheduling a photo session, clients agree that NEP owns the rights to any photo taken by an NEP employee until it is purchased, at which point NEP will share its ownership rights with the client of the purchased photographs but will never give up its rights to ownership entirely.


6) NEP reserves the right to use any photo taken by an NEP employee in the form of advertising, promoting, contests, social media, or in video for the purpose of expanding the company brand.


7) NEP will not be responsible for any personal injury sustained while a client is on set with a photographer or employee of NEP.


8) Downloading has been disabled from NEP website. If someone is found to be in possession of any art, graphic or photograph owned by NEP which was obtained illegally by either screenshot, downloading from one of NEP's social media marketing campaigns such as facebook, instagram, twitter or NEPs website page, or by any other tools which can obtain photos, the persons in question with the stolen property will be charged with theft and  executed to the fullest of the law including any/all legal fees associated with the offense. 


9) All photos watermarked with the word "SAMPLE" are the sole property of NEP and for no reason whatsoever should anyone except an employee of NEP be in possession of any such property.  Anyone with "SAMPLE" photos will be considered fraudulent and legal actions will be taken against the accused.   These photos are for reviewing purposes only before any purchase is made.  NEP will never distribute SAMPLE photos to a client knowingly.  


10) NEP has watermarked all photos with the NEP signature.  It is illegal to remove the NEP logo of any photos not purchased including cropping.  If a program such as facebook or any other program which only allows a certain height or width for a background you wish to display a NEP picture on that you own or obtained the sole permission to use from NEP is automatically cropped to fit the frame, you must somewhere in your sharing of the photo make it obvious that the photo is the work of NEP and not imply or take credit that the work is yours or that of another party.  If it is not possible to give credit to NEP on a photo that has been cropped by a program then you forfeit your permission to use the photo.  Exceptions:  Clients who purchased photos from NEP may crop out the logo as they will join NEP in shared ownership, but clients can never imply that the work was of someone else other then NEP.


11) visitors may share any photo hosted by NEP on any social media where sharing is enabled by us provided they do not alter the photo or logo in anyway as to hide our brand or imply the work is of another party other then NEP.

12) Portfolio Building Prices Campaign:  (Elliot Lake & Area) (50% deposit required upfront for travel bookings)

This campaign is $5.00/photo for the purpose of showcasing NEP's photography work publicly on social media and advertising.  Minimum of 5 photo commitment required within a 50 km radius of Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada.  The Minimum commitment will increase outside of our local jurisdiction and to be negotiated at time of booking. Upon booking with NEP for this campaign/price, you forfeit your rights to reject NEP using photos taken at your booking for the purpose of branding, advertising, contests, portfolio, showcasing or marketing.  NEP usually respectfully asks for permission in most cases but is not obligated to do so before use.

If a client refuses to allow NEP the right to use a photograph from the Portfolio Building Prices Campaign, they must make it known before purchasing and regular rates will apply instead before completing an order.  Once a purchase has been made at the Portfolio Building Prices Campaign, and the client receives their order, the client forever forfeits the right to restrict NEP from using photos in any of NEP's campaigns or portfolio.  Please note that all of our Portfolio Building Prices Campaign photos ($5.00) are discounted for promotional use.  A watermark will be placed on all photos purchased at a discount.  For non-watermarked photos,  you can opt out of the promotional pricing and request a regular bundle.  Prices listed below.

Regular Bundle Rates:

5 photos - $50.00

10 photos - $80.00

20 photos - $150.00

30 photos - $200.00

*any single photo outside of a set bundle is $10.00 each


13) if NEP uses a photo taken in your photo session that you did not purchase, only the client of the photo in question has the right to request a free copy of the photo being used for the campaign or marketing.  NEP will provide any photo not purchased which was used in advertising or promotion to the client which the photo was taken from.


14) NEP prices are based on the cost of booking, duration of booking, travel & limited post production.  Only a digital copy is included for each $5.00 photo.  Extensive photoshop work, graphic design, green screen removal, or custom editing is not included in this price and is at the discretion of NEP if they wish to do so.  Alternative prices may be negotiated for extensive work requested.


15) Wedding Portfolio Building Prices Campaign:  (Elliot Lake & Area)

This campaign is $2000.00 / wedding for the purpose of showcasing NEP's wedding photography work publicly on social media and advertising.  Upon booking with NEP for this campaign/price, you forfeit your rights to reject NEP using photos taken at your booking for the purpose of branding, advertising, contests, portfolio, showcasing or marketing.  NEP usually respectfully asks for permission in most cases but is not obligated to do so before use.

If a client refuses to allow NEP the right to use a wedding photograph from the Wedding  Portfolio Building Prices Campaign, they must make it known before up to 1 day before the wedding takes place and regular rates will apply instead and paid in full the day before the wedding.  Once a wedding is complete using the Wedding Portfolio Building Prices Campaign, the client forever forfeits the right to restrict NEP from using photos in any of NEP's campaigns or portfolio.  The Wedding Portfolio Building Prices Campaign includes all day photography starting with the Bride and/or Groom getting ready, the ceremony, family photography, Bride & Groom portraits, and all the key shots at the reception including: decor, first dance, speeches, flower & garter toss, and candid shots.  Not included in this package is a photo booth (extra), photo booth (extra), or developed printed photos (extra).  All photos will be delivered in digital format.

Regular Wedding Rates:

Cinderella Wedding Package:  $2500.00

Princess Wedding Package:  $2100.00

Formal Wedding Package:  $1750.00

Classic Wedding Package:  $1500.00

Petite Wedding Package:  $800.00

For more details on regular wedding packages click here

All weddings require a $500.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to secure the date and the full balance owing must be PAID IN FULL 1 day prior to the day of the wedding. 

for more info, click here


16) All photography outside of family portraits or weddings to be negotiated for price.  In some circumstances, a contract may be required and agreed upon.  Such work includes: freelancing, business, media, advertising, modelling, boudoir, engagement session, public or private events, all forms of parties, candid shots, photo booth, or any work that requires travelling 50km outside of NEP's business address in Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada.


17) Premium Family Photography:  High Quality Professional Post-Production

This is our top level of photo editing in post production utilizing both Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop.  With this package we spend hours in post-production fine tuning each and every photo to its fullest potential striving for that surreal almost fantasy look.  We enhance every aspect of each photo to ensure top quality, many times adding overlays, changing moods, erasing flaws and bringing out the very best qualities and emotions of each and every subject.  We advise on clothing, props, location and poses to our clients as we strive for perfection in these premium sessions.  Ideal for Modelling, Portfolios, Engagements & Unique Family Photography.

Sessions are ($20 / photo) and require 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking.  Minimum of 5 photo commitment at time of booking for clients in or travelling to Elliot Lake, Ontario.  Minimum of 10 photo commitment outside of a 50km radius of Elliot Lake, Ontario.  Travel expenses vary depending on location and must be included in the initial deposit. Clients will receive digital prints only.  


18) Before booking with NEP, please make note that you are entering into a binding agreement that a time slot has been reserved for you and you only.  NEP will no longer make the same time slot available to other potential clients.  If you need to cancel, we request 24 hour notice unless it is weather related.  NEP will cancel a photo session if the weather conditions will be a factor in producing quality work, jeopardize damaging NEP equipment, or is unsafe conditions for either NEP  employees or its clients to be outside.  

If a client does not give sufficient notice of cancelling, or simply does not show up without notice,  a surcharge of $25.00 will be applied against the client next time they wish to book with NEP and the new session amount paid in full + surcharge will be required first before reserving a new time slot with NEP.  NEP view's this case as a loss of business to a potential customer who could have booked but was unable to due so because of the offending clients reservation without cancellation. 


19) NEP creates private viewing "Sample" galleries for all clients, password protected.  Upon notification to the client that his/her gallery is now available for previewing, NEP will provide both a direct link and a password to the clients personal gallery.  The client can share the link & password with who ever they wish as to seek opinions in making decisions of which photos they would like to purchase.  NEP will never publicly share this link or password except to employees of NEP, and to the client/contact.  


20) NEP reserves the right to deactivate any private sample gallery at any time without notice, but will do so after two weeks from the day a client was notified and supplied a link or after a client has made a purchase, which ever comes first.  NEP cannot host galleries for extended periods of time due to server space and/or "bogging down" effects experienced on the NEP website from too many galleries at once.  It is important to keep the NEP website loading and flowing smoothly for all clients at all times.

21) LATE FEES:  Clients are required to fulfill there minimum purchase of $25.00 within 2 weeks of receiving a link to there own private gallery.  In the event that NEP shuts down a clients gallery, the gallery will remain closed and a late fee of $20.00 will apply to reopen or submit an order.   Additionally, all future bookings by this client will require a deposit of $25.00 before NEP agrees on a time and date or schedules additional photo sessions.  

In the event which a client has already booked a future appointment and the client has its current gallery disabled by NEP for non payment, all future bookings currently booked will be forfeited and no longer available until the client fulfills its current order including the late fee of $20.00 and will additionally have to pay a deposit of $25.00 to reschedule a new booking based on availability.  If a client requests additional time to fulfill an order, they must request it within the first 7 days of receiving a link to the gallery.  The request can be denied if NEP feels the client is simply stalling or delaying the purchase.  Additional time request is only granted at the discretion of NEP employees.

22) $5.00 / Photo Promotional Pricing expires Dec. 31, 2018 and will be subject to new pricing terms for the year 2019.

Photo sessions for 2019 which are booked and secured with a deposit during the 2018 year will still be under the 2018 pricing.

**NEP reserves the right to change, alter or rewrite the terms & conditions without notice.  Any dispute with the wording of any of these above terms & conditions will rule in favor of NEP's verbal or non verbal interpretation.

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