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City Event Galleries

This page will be dedicated to photography galleries of random city events and candid shots.   These galleries will have downloads turned on so you can download photos you find of yourself, family or friends and share on your own page.   Social media sharing is also available for these photos and galleries.    If you download a photo to share on social media, please mention us to help spread our name and visits to our page.  It helps our algorithms!    Thanks you for visiting!

Remembrance Day 2022

Christmas Parade 2022

Indoor Activities - Stock Photos

The Gallery below is of candid shots of some of the local indoor city events during the winter months.   Some of the stock photos include: 

Badminton, Beanbag Baseball, Bingo, Bowling, Curling, Darts, Figure Skating, Fun Fitness, Guitar Jam Sessions, Gym, Hockey, Karaoke, Pickle Ball, 8 Ball Pool, Shuffleboard, Spa, Thai cooking class & Volleyball.

Businesses and event locations  include:   

Elliot Lake Granite Club,  Renaissance Seniors' Centre, Colin's Hall, Villa Francaise des Jeunes (VFJ), Lourdes Elementary School gym, Olivia's Spa, Yanicks Muscle Factory, Bam Pom's cooking class (VFJ & Bingo Hall), Elliot Lake Ice Rink Arena,  Clean Break Billiards and Bar, Northern Lights Bowling Centre