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Seniors Photo Session!

So, what is a Senior Photo Session anyway?

A Senior portrait session is built around that senior - their interests, their personality, their hobbies, their humor, and so many other factors.   This is a celebration of a life stage.   These are teenagers coming to the end of an era of high school and preparing to venture off into life down the path of careers, adventure and adulthood.  

Senior Photography is not very popular in Canada, in fact its virtually unknown here by most.   But as soon as you travel south of the border to America you will discover this is extremely popular and almost feels mandatory for youths to engage in this coming-of-age portrait session.   In America, Senior photography is one of the leading genres portrait photographers are hired for outside of weddings and family photos.  


How to prepare for your Senior photo session:

Choose two or three outfits you may wish to portray in your image that speaks loud about yourself, your personality and your interests.  

Bring props that symbolize your hobbies, sports or interests such as a book if you like reading, a soccer ball or football if you play those sports, a musical instrument if your a musician, etc.  

Choose a location that best reflects your personality, hobbies or interests such as a football field, a park, a farm, a nature trail, etc.   Consider the season as well when making your choice or timing your booking of the session.  If you enjoy winter themes or sports, then wait until the snow arrives to book your senior session.   

Senior photo sessions can be booked all year round, there is no specific time frame such as end of the year graduation photos.   Senior photos can be booked any season to match your preferences. 

Call or Message us today to book your senior photo session! 

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PACKAGE 1:   25 photos - up to 3 outfit changes  $250.00

PACKAGE 2:   unlimited photos - 3+ outfit changes, up to 3 hours shooting  $500.00

PACKAGE 3:   10 photos - 1 outfit  $150.00

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