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Before we dig too deep I would just like to say welcome to our Wedding photography page and congratulations on your recent engagement and upcoming wedding! 

Planning a wedding can be a stressful task trying to book, arrange and align all the outside parties that are involved before your big day.   But it can also a very exciting piecing your perfect wedding together as well when eventually all of the pieces start to materialize.   

At Northern Exposures Photography  we understand how important and valuable all the details you have chosen for wedding is;  the color combinations, the theme, the decor, all the flowers and even the details in your hand made wedding dress.   We make sure we capture every single fine detail you put your heart into building up the theme and atmosphere of your wedding, and we include this along with the memories we capture of you, your spouse, your family, friends and guests so that you can look back on this day and cherish these moments.

One thing to consider about the material items and expenses of your wedding day is this:   The days following your wedding  all the food and booze is consumed, the flowers are drying up and dying, the clothing is at the cleaners, the dress will be packed away while the rented tuxedo's will be returned, and the band or DJ has moved on to the next gig.   The only thing of tangible value you spent your hard earned money on is the photographs.   Its the photos that capture the flowers while they are fresh, the food before its consumed, the rhythm of the dancers during your reception party, the tears and laughter during the ceremony and speeches, your first dance & first kiss as newlyweds, and all the other details large and small that made this day so amazingly beautiful!   Your photography package is unknowingly one of the most important features to your special day which you invest in as this is your moment frozen in time to look back on in the years to come!

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Please take a moment to view this mini wedding gallery to see if our style is right for you.   We have a unique post production process signatory to Northern Exposures Photography which has earned us several spotlights and attention among the international community of photographers.   We specialize in capturing romance and intimacy and deliver it centre stage with passion and detail. 

Wedding Galleries

We are delighted to present to you a collection of galleries that feature the 5 primary areas of your wedding day, which include portraits, getting ready, ceremony, reception, and ring photography. Our intention is to provide you with a visual representation of what our photography services entail. We hope that this resource will aid you in visualizing your special day and enable you to make an informed decision.

Portrait Gallery

Getting Ready Gallery

Ceremony Gallery