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Photo Licensing

We offer photo licensing to interested parties who appreciate our work.   This applies to our own personal collection of photos which we may of shared on our website or social media channels.  Prices below are for non-exclusive use of any photos we own and advertise.  Alternative options can include hiring us for specific target images where we capture the image for you as a freelancer.

EL Dock Drone2.jpg

Private License

Private Licenses can be purchased for personal use for anyone who wishes to obtain a high quality image to print on their own for gifts or wall decoration.   Images or prints cannot be sold for profit or used in a manner to imply the work was done by someone other then Northern Exposures Photography.   Images can not be used for personal or private businesses or advertising and cannot be made public without giving photo credit to Northern Exposures Photography.  

$40.00 per use

Freelance Photographer

Want a specific photo that is not in our collection?   We offer our freelancing skills to target shoot images you may be interested in for your organization.   Contact us today for a quote!

$50.00 per photo


Commercial License

Tier 1 Commercial License:  

This license allows your business or organization to use a photo on location or "in-house" within the business.  Photos cannot be used in advertising, on social media or any other avenue to which the image reaches the general public outside of the business or organization.  

$75.00 per License

Tier 2 Commercial License:  

This license allows your business or organization to use a photo for advertising, marketing or anything related to promoting a business or organization.  Photos cannot be sold for profit in any form of print where the photo is the selling point of the product.   Prices vary depending on the size of the target marketing audience.

starting at:

$250.00 per License

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