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Portable Studio Backdrops

10x10 is suggested for group sizes or full families.  3x5 is suggested for a single upper body or head shot or children.  5x7 is ideal for 1-4 adults.  Please be advised that upon requesting a portable studio to you house or business that there is a $25.00 setup fee added to your final purchase.  Please let us know ahead of time which backdrop from the selections below you would like us to bring.  10x10 green is used mainly for green screen to swap backgrounds.  This requires extra labor in post production using photo key 8 software to remove background.  Green screen removal for a new background is $25 per photo.  Please be sure that no subjects in the green screen are wearing any shades of green or cyan including small details such as earrings or nail polish.

Below are the current backdrops available:  (Please choose 1-2 and let us know the names before your session)

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